Use the transformation tools

The transformation tools in the Bunker UI can be used to change all the data points held within a column, and so map them onto the chosen category. 

After assigning columns to categories and setting up category mappings, you may need to use the transformation tools to clean up any inconsistencies or messy data. 

To start working with transformations, click the settings icon next to the name of the column you assigned. Select Transformations to open the dialog. 

You'll notice that this dialog has two tabs, called Wizard and Editor. The Wizard is the UI version of the script Editor

For straightforward transformations, you can use the Wizard. The Wizard includes a range of common data transformation tools, such as configuring a transformation to trim part of the value, replace something with something else, or make everything lower case. 

In the example above, there are warnings against the income category as the original data contained a pound sign. This can be removed in a few clicks.

To do so, click on the function dropdown and scroll down to select trim left.

Then, type £ into the box below and click Add. The transformation will appear like the image below. When you click Save, this change will be applied to the whole column and will resolve the warnings.

You can use the Transformation dialog to apply any number of transformations. 

If your needs are more complex, or if you want to use if-then logic to apply different transformations to different rows, then you'll need to switch to the Editor. For information on using the Editor, see the Bunker and the Script Editor article.

Next up 

Once you're happy, try testing with a dry run to see how well our Platform understands the dataset.