US address mapping

InfoSum Platform lets you map US addresses in a source data file to the USA Address category in the Global Schema.

Mapping US addresses to the Global Schema has a number of advantages:

  • Three keys will be generated after normalisation (USA address, Zip9 and Zip5).
  • Combination keys are created for US addresses (for example, address + name).
  • US addresses can be entered in various formats.

US address mapping is only available for US East bunkers.

The street address mapping you can have is based on your InfoSum plan. This is because not all InfoSum Platform features come as standard - please refer to InfoSum's Rate Card for details.


InfoSum verifies that the US address is valid and complete.


When normalising US addresses, address line 1, 2, town and state is hashed to generate three keys: USA address,  Zip9 and Zip5.

Mapping US addresses to the Global Schema

Supported formats

You must always provide US addresses in raw format.  Values are required in either:

  • street name, city and state fields, OR
  • street name and zip code fields.
The following Zip formats are supported by InfoSum Platform:
  • Zip9 is accepted in two formats: 01740-1329 or 017401329
  • Street name is required along with Zip code. The Platform cannot map or normalize Zip code on it's own without a street. Both Street name and Zip code are required to validate an address.
  • City and State are not mandatory values.
  • If an address has a Zip5, InfoSum Platform creates a Zip9 key.


  1. Go to the Platform, create a bunker in a US East region and upload your dataset.
  2. on the Preview page, check that the address details are in the source data file.
  3. Select ACCEPT PREVIEW CONFIG, then New from the Create a new config box.
  4. Check that your source columns for US addresses are correctly mapped to the Global Schema categories as shown in the table below.

      Your Column

      Global Schema Category

      Map to property


      USA Address



      USA Address


      ZIP code

      USA Address


      ZIP code

      USA Address


      3rd line of address

      USA Address


      House Number

      USA Address



      USA Address


      2nd line of address

      USA Address


    1. Select ACCEPT WIZARD SETTINGS. A unique ID is generated for each US Address.
      US addresses can be entered in various formats. The addresses in the table below are in different formats, but both will map to the same address.

      House Number



      Hartford Avenue


      250 Hartford Avenue

      The Global Schema creates a ‘USA Address hashed’ key and combination keys for USA Address and all other keys in the dataset, for example, ‘Fullname:USA Address hashed’ and ‘Forename:USA Address hashed’. You can view all keys created for USA Address in the Keys tab of the Normalise section of your bunker:

      If name or date of birth is in the source data, the Platform automatically combines this data with USA Address to make a combination key.
    2. Select NORMALISE and then PUBLISH to publish the dataset. The USA Address keys are now available on the Platform for the published dataset.