Saving normalisation configurations

Once you’ve imported and normalised a dataset, you can save this configuration from within a Bunker.

Creating and saving a configuration tells InfoSum Platform to remember how the dataset was manipulated, to make it an easily repeatable process.

Saved configurations are displayed in the Configuration tabs in both the Platform and any Bunker you own. This enables you to quickly make a dataset available for queries by applying a set of instructions on how Platform should understand and adapt the dataset. 

To save a configuration, simply click on the Configs tab in a Bunker, and click Save

A dialog box will then pop up, where you can review and name the configuration. 


When you’re then importing another dataset, you will be able to retrieve this saved configuration to speed up the time before it's published. Configurations are particularly useful if you are periodically importing the same dataset, such as updating a version of a CRM.