This is a user’s right to perform an action on behalf of your company. A user inherits rights from the roles they have been assigned and rights cannot be assigned directly to a user. 

A company user sees only those parts of InfoSum Platform to which they have been given rights, as shown in the table below.


What you can access

What you can do



InfoSum Account:
Account Settings
My Company - roles and settings (view only). You cannot view users or teams.

InfoSum Platform:
Datasets, Audiences and Audience Builder
Segments and Segment Builder
Analyse - Connections List, Query Tool, Connections Grid
Settings - Project

All user-owned tasks

By default, new users have no company rights unless InfoSum Support has added them to the “owner” role.

Creation / Analysis 



InfoSum Account:
No change

InfoSum Platform:
Data - Datasets - view all datasets for a company and assign them to a team.

List company datasets outside the user's teams
Update dataset meta data
Assign datasets to teams

There is no Dataset-Create right as this is covered by the Bunker-Create right. 

The Datasets-List company datasets outside the user's teams right lists all datasets in the company - without it you see only your teams' datasets.

The Assign datasets to teams right does not give you access to a dataset, it only lets you assign it to a team. To access a dataset, you must be added to a team with access rights to the dataset.


InfoSum Account:
No change

InfoSum Platform:
Data - Datasets - bunkers access to datasets owned by my company and assigned to my team

Create Bunker
Delete Bunker
Access a Bunker

Create Bunker allows you to upload a dataset to the bunker.

You will need to contact  support@infosum.com if you have the Create Bunker right, but cannot create an activation bunker


InfoSum Account:
No change

Create allowance
Delete allowance
View and share allowances
Create a dataset in an allowance

List Allowances
Create Allowances
Update Allowances
Share Allowances
Delete Allowances





InfoSum Account:

No change

InfoSum Platform:


Permissions Received

Permissions Sent

List Permissions


Incoming Permissions

InfoSum Account:
No change

InfoSum Platform:
No change - requires the List Permissions right to be selected in order to show the Collaborate section 

Incoming permissions:


Outgoing Permissions

InfoSum Account:
No change

InfoSum Platform:
Datasets - Set new permission

Outgoing permissions:



InfoSum Account:
No change

InfoSum Platform:
Discover - Discovery, My Listings, Requests Received, requests sent

List Promotions
Create Promotions
Update Promotions
Delete Promotions


Company Administration



InfoSum Account:
My Company Settings - Enforce 2FA

InfoSum Platform: 
No Change

Update 2FA

Updates 2FA for all users


InfoSum Account:
My Company - Users:
Invalidate 2FA
Reset password

InfoSum Platform:
No change

List all users
Disable a user
Invalidate 2FA 
Reset user password

Invalidates 2FA for a single user


InfoSum Account:
My Company - Roles:
Create role
Delete role
Add users to a role
Unassign users from a role
Set rights for a role

InfoSum Platform: 
No change

Create a Role
Update a Role
Delete a Role



InfoSum Account:
My Company - Teams:
Teams section
Create Team
Delete Teams
Add users to a Team
Remove users from a Team

InfoSum Platform:
Assign datasets to teams

List Teams
Create a Team
Update a Team
Delete a Team

For more information, see the company accounts user and admin guide.