Query Tool

The Query Tool is an interactive UI within InfoSum Platform, which you can use to build, test and run queries.

The Query Tool helps you explore the datasets you can reference, and to build a query using InfoSum's query language, IQL.

IQL is InfoSum's specialist tool for analysing data across multiple linked datasets. It helps you explore datasets in detail, generating a wealth of aggregated statistics. The original data remains securely in each party's Bunker, and is never shared or revealed. For example, using IQL, you can:

  • gain insights into customers which you and your collaborator share - perhaps to profile their geographic location or ages
  • statistically analyse your customer base, by using a collaborator's data to enrich your own - without revealing or processing any individual customer's data
  • narrow down statistics to particular areas of interest - for example to look at people who live in a specific town or region.

The Query Tool helps you explore the datasets you can reference. Although you can see your query results within the Query Tool, you can also take the finished query and run it using the Platform API.

Next steps

To build, test and run queries, try using the Query Tool.