Publishing your data

Publishing is the final step to make the data available to reference in queries.

After you selected Normalise, you will be taken back to the Bunker dashboard. Here you can see some information about your dataset, such as the number of keys, categories and rows, some statistics on the data quality.

This is your opportunity to review your data one final time and ensure you are happy with how well you have mapped it to InfoSum's Global Schema. When you publish, the original data will be deleted.

Please note that any draft dataset in bunker gets deleted if it stays unpublished for 8 days.

When you're ready to go ahead, click the Publish button next to your dataset. You'll see that your dataset (and accompanying statistics) changes state from draft to published. Your dataset is now "live". 

Next steps

Saving the normalisation configuration will tell the Platform to remember how you've manipulated the data. You can then apply this configuration to new Bunkers to speed up the next import.

Otherwise, head back to the Platform to start viewing the intersections, writing queries and sending permissions.