Platform API

The Platform API is a programmatic interface, used to integrate InfoSum Platform into a larger solution.

It is a simple RESTful interface which you can access using almost any scripting or programming language.

The Platform API's key feature is its ability to execute queries written in the IQL language. For example, you could use the API to run a query each day against potentially changing data, and report the results to an external application.

You can also use the API to find out which datasets are available for you to reference, and to get basic information about how the datasets relate to each other - for example, how large or small the intersection between them is.

You cannot create or manage datasets, or import data, using the Platform API. For these tasks, use the Platform UI.

For full information on the Platform API, see the API Specification here on

Whether API access and query volume is automated depends on your InfoSum plan. This is because not all InfoSum Platform features come as standard - please contact for details.