The path is the series of links between datasets used when executing a query. 

When a query references more than one dataset, InfoSum Platform accesses each dataset in turn, retrieving information and/or applying a filter. Each step of this process is known as a hop.

The two datasets involved in a hop must be connected (meaning that you have permission to use both of them in queries), and they must share at least one common key

For an activation query, the hop to the activation dataset must be the last one in the path.

For many queries, these rules will result in more than one possible path. InfoSum Platform will automatically choose the path likely to produce the best results, based on factors including the key fill rates. However, you may wish to override this choice based on your knowledge of the specific original data.

You can see the Platform's automatic choice of path in the Details tab of the Connections List. You can change the path using a path override.