Listing your Dataset in Discovery

To make your dataset available for advertisers and other data owners to compare and contrast their own first-party data, you can list your dataset within Discovery.

Select the New Listing option. Either in the dashboard Create and Connect section or use the Blue plus button on the top right of the InfoSum platform interface.

Next, select your dataset you wish to use for Discovery from the drop-down list. We recommend an Insight dataset (Please contact your InfoSum rep if you have any questions around this).

Discovery - choose datasetGive your Listing a name that best describes your dataset, e.g. publisher sports audiences.

Discovery - Name

Add a listing description, try to be as detailed as possible to market your dataset effectively.

Add what industry best suits your business, e.g. Publisher, Data enrichment.

Select where you wish your dataset to be listed, dependent on who your target audience is. 

You can only list one dataset at a time, if you wish to be listed as both a Publisher and an Enrichment partner, please contact your InfoSum Rep.

Enter your Company name and a brief description of what your company does.

Along with a Sales Contact name and email, this is for inbound inquiries and doesn't necessarily need to be Dataset owner.  

Finally click Create Listing