Insight dataset

An insight dataset is one of the two types of dataset offered by InfoSum Platform.

Use an insight dataset when you want to generate anonymised, aggregated statistical reports, and protect against the risk of accidentally identifying any specific individual.

When you create an insight dataset, a Bunker will also be created, where you can securely import, normalise and publish your data. Like all Bunkers, insight Bunkers are secure and private, and your original imported data is accessible only to you.

You can give other users permission to reference your dataset in queries, but insight Bunkers will only ever release information in anonymised, aggregated form. They also apply privacy controls to guard against individuals being identified from query results.

You may be asked to choose either an insight or an activation dataset. If you aren't asked, then you will be creating an insight dataset, as described here. This is because insight Bunkers are a standard component of the InfoSum Platform, whereas activation datasets are disabled unless specifically enabled by InfoSum.