Importing your data

After creating a dataset and accessing a Bunker, it will automatically open on the bunker dashboard.

You can then import your data by:

  • Importing from your computer
  • Setting up a data connector

To import a dataset from your computer, either use the drag and drop functionality or select the Browse Files button. If you’re using one of our connectors, the connection details and credentials will be required at this point. Step-by-step instructions for each connector can be found here.

You will then be taken through series of steps that help our Platform understand your data. You will see a preview of your data, and, if you want to, you can perform some minor manipulations to the data, such as renaming the columns.

Behind the scene we’ve begun the process of converting any readable data to our global schema, so it can later be compared to other datasets. One of these steps will show you how our Platform has mapped the column name to a category. If it is mapped correctly, for example E-mail to email, leave the boxes ticked and move onto the next stage.

Next steps

Now you've imported your data, we will look at normalising the data into the Global Schema.