How to push results to Facebook

After running an activation query, you can push the resulting file to Facebook Custom Audiences.

To do so, you will need to create a connection from InfoSum Platform. The query results will then be streamed to the Facebook and then the connection will be removed.

Before starting, you will need the following information to hand:

  • Ad account ID
  • Access token
  • Audience name
  • Audience description
  • Customer file source 

First, use the Query Tool to write the activation query and select Create Campaign. For information on how to write IQL queries, please see the language documentation.


You will then be taken to the Activation tab, where you will see some information about the campaign and its status. The total rows gives you an insight into the size of the dataset, before pushing it to the destination. 


At the bottom of the page, you will see a box providing more details on the campaign, such as the query used and the name of the output column. There are three menu tabs within this box - Details, Pushes and Push Connectors. Once you've pushed the results, the details and status will be viewable under the Pushes tab.

For now, switch to Push Connectors and use the slider to enable the Facebook Custom Audiences connector. The form below will now appear. Once you've filled in and saved the connection details, press Save and switch to Audience. 


To finalise the connection, you will then need to add a name and description for your audience, and define whether the file has been provided by the user and/or a partner. 

When you select Save, the Activate button will become clickable. Selecting this button will begin the file stream.


Switch back to the Pushes tab to see the status and check for any errors. Once the status has a green tick, the file has been successfully pushed to Facebook.