A dataset is a single group of records - imported, for example, from a single database table.

Datasets are created, managed and deleted using the Platform. When you use the Platform to configure a new dataset, you'll be given a Bunker just for that data. Each Bunker is hosted on its own private virtual server. Nobody except you - not even InfoSum - can access the raw data in your bunker.

After using a Bunker to securely import your data, you'll be able to view information on the dataset characteristics in the Platform. Using a query, you can analyse the multiple datasets without ever needing to bring the original data together.

You can also send permissions to other users, which enable them to query your dataset without being able to access the bunker -  and so are unable to view the data at a row-level. 

There are two types of datasets available, insight datasets and activation datasets

The number of datasets you can create is based on your InfoSum plan. This is because not all InfoSum Platform features come as standard - please contact for details.