Data connector for Salesforce SOQL

The Salesforce SOQL connector enables you to securely import a dataset to InfoSum Platform.

If your dataset has more than 50,000 rows, please see the Salesforce SOQL bulk connector

Before starting, if you haven't already, you will need to set up Salesforce OAuth. This enables you to import datasets without revealing your login credentials to InfoSum. Please see Setting up Salesforce OAuth for more information.

To import data from Salesforce SOQL, login to the Platform if you haven't already and either create a dataset or access the Bunker of an existing dataset. Once you're in the Bunker, select Import a dataset or use the Import tab, and locate the connector as shown below. 


Click Connect and select your Salesforce OAuth from the drop-down menu. 

When you click Connect, you will be taken to the Preview page, where you can execute a SOQL query to search your Salesforce data to find specific information. For information on how to write an SOQL query, please see the Salesforce documentation here

When you're happy with the preview, accept the settings and select an import configuration, then you'll be taken to the Import Wizard. This will show how our Platform has understood your dataset and mapped columns into our Global Schema. If this looks correct, accept the Wizard Settings, otherwise untick the boxes so they can be correctly mapped during the later normalisation phase.