Data activation overview

The Activation tab in InfoSum Platform is your central point for managing campaigns and pushing activation query results to a connector.

You may need to contact InfoSum to request access to this feature.

Managing campaigns

After you submit an activation query in the Query Tool as a campaign, you will then be taken to the Activation tab and will see a campaign entry like the one below. 

Alongside the basic information like campaign name and submitted date, the total rows shows you the size of the audience that has been returned from the query. If this size does not match your expectations, you can change the query by creating another campaign in the Query Tool. 

The green tick shows that the query has been successful and is ready to be pushed. As long as the dataset that the query references does not expire, you will be able to set up a push connector at any time. You can push your campaign results to however many third-party locations you choose, provided you have the correct permission.

For tutorials on how to set these up, please see the following articles:

View campaign information

If you switch to the Details tab, you will see that you can change the campaign name and view the query syntax and the output data type. The Pushes tab shows details from any previous pushes for that campaign, as shown below, and will highlight if a push has not worked and tell you why.

There are a range of filters available to help you find a certain campaign, such as by searching on name, date and output data. You can also filter the entire Activation page by project.