Bunker credits let you create bunkers on InfoSum Platform. Each bunker comes with its own daily allowance of query credits.

There are two types of credits you can use on InfoSum Platform:

  • Bunker credits, which allow you to create bunkers. One bunker credit gives you a bunker containing up to 5 million rows of data for one calendar month, or an additional 5 million rows of data in an existing bunker.
  • Query credits, which allow you to query datasets. You will be given a daily usage allowance of 2000 query credits per bunker, regardless of the size of the bunker.

Each time a query references your dataset, it uses one credit from your bunker's query credit allowance. A query credit may be consumed for each distinct question asked of a dataset. For example, an IQL query involving two datasets (A and B) with the WHERE clause and filters shown below would require four independent queries (for age, income, gender and maritalStatus) across the two datasets.

WHERE (A.age > 25 AND B.income = 30K) 
OR (A.gender = 'Male' AND B.maritalStatus = 'Single')

If you give another user permission to reference your dataset, then each query they run will also use a credit from that dataset's allowance. As the dataset's owner, you can choose either:

  • to allow the other user to use credits directly from your allowance, or
  • to transfer a fixed part of your allowance to them. Of course, you may wish to charge the other user for this - in effect reselling part of your allowance.

If you choose to allow the other user to use credits from your allowance, remember that if they use up your allowance, then you will not be able to run queries yourself. In contrast, if you transfer a fixed part of your allowance, then the rest of your allowance remains "protected" and available to you.

You can view your remaining allowance, and see how many credits other users have consumed, using the Platform. See allowances for more details.