There is a connection between two datasets if you are allowed to reference both datasets in a single query.

Two datasets are connected in any of the following scenarios.

  • If you own both datasets. These datasets are automatically connected, because you always have permission to reference your own data.
  • If you own one of the datasets, and have a permission to reference the other.
  • If both datasets belong to other parties, and you have a permission to reference each of them.

Because permissions are granted to particular users, connections depend on the user as well. Two datasets may be connected for one user but not for another.

On the Connections List tab in the Platform, you can see all the datasets you are able to reference, and all the connections between them. You can use this information to visualise at a glance the possible combinations of datasets for your query.

You can also discover the datasets and connections available to you using the Platform API.

To be able to use two datasets together in a query, they must be connected, and they must also share one or more keys.