A Bunker is the secure storage allocated to a single dataset.

When you use the Platform to configure a new dataset, you'll be given a separate Bunker just for that data. And if you import several datasets, you'll have several independent Bunkers, all administered through the Platform.

Each Bunker is hosted on its own private virtual server. Nobody except you - not even InfoSum - can access the raw data in your Bunker. You can give other users permission to query your dataset, but they will only be able to retrieve aggregated statistical results, never the original data.

Each Bunker also has its own web-based interface, separate from the Platform. Using the Bunker's web interface, you can:

  • import a dataset, from an existing database or CSV file
  • apply categories, to tell your Bunker what each column in your dataset represents
  • use mappings and transformations to clean up inconsistencies or messy record-keeping
  • manage dataset versions, updating your dataset if new source material becomes available.

Your collaborator(s) will also import their data into their own private Bunkers. Although your collaborators give you permission to reference their data in anonymised, aggregate form, you have no access to the raw data in their Bunkers - and they have no access to yours.