Automation enables you to schedule the regular update of a published dataset.

This feature (also called data refresh) removes the need to manually import, normalise and publish a new version of the same dataset.

You can use automation to update a dataset using a connector, such as to MySQL, S3 or Google Cloud Storage. You cannot automate the import of a file from your computer, such as a CSV file.

Automation uses the three types of dataset state:

  • A draft dataset is a dataset which is either being imported, or has been imported but hasn't been published.
  • A published dataset is the dataset which will be analysed when referenced in all subsequent queries.
  • A background dataset is a dataset which was previously published and was replaced by a newer dataset, but may still be queried if a query was initiated before the newer dataset was published.

The automation schedule you have is based on your InfoSum plan. This is because not all InfoSum Platform features come as standard - please refer to InfoSum's Rate Card for details.