Assign output data

If you have imported an activation dataset, you will need to select an output column in order to normalise your dataset and make it available to reference in activation queries.

An output column is a column which is retained in its original form during normalisation. This contrasts to a normal column, which is mapped onto a key or category and then deleted.

You will use an output column to translate the results of an activation query back to a list of specific individuals. For example, the output column might contain a customer number or an email address.

Because output columns are only used in activation queries, they are only available in activation datasets. For an insight dataset, you won't see the option to mark a column as output data.

You use the Bunker's web UI to mark a column as an output column.

To do so, after you've imported a dataset and have reached the Normalise phase, click on the settings icon next to the column, locate Output Data and use the toggle to turn on Selected.  


The status bar in the bottom left-hand corner will now look like the image below, and the Normalise button will turn blue.


After you click Normalise, this output column will be available to reference in activation queries. You can select as many output columns as you like.