When you create a bunker, it will use your InfoSum provided allowance by default.

When you purchase a bunker credit, you are given a usage allowance that entitles you to the following:

  • One bunker containing up to 5 million rows of data for one calendar month, or
  • An additional 5 million rows of data in an existing bunker.

When you create a bunker, you will be given a daily usage allowance of 2000 query credits per bunker, regardless of the size of the bunker.

Bunkers are renewable resources. For example, you may purchase 10 simultaneous bunkers credits. When you create a bunker, this figure will go down to 9, and will go back up to 10 when the bunker is deleted.

Query credits are a little different. When you run a query that references a dataset in your allowance, it will use the query credits available. These query credits are then used up, but the number available will reset at the start of every day. If you exceed the fair use limit of 2000 queries per day, we may impose technical constraints on your account to limit the consumption of resources.

A query credit may be consumed for each distinct question asked of a dataset. For example, an IQL query involving two datasets (A and B) with the WHERE clause and filters shown below would require four independent queries (for age, income, gender and maritalStatus) across the two datasets.

WHERE (A.age > 25 AND B.income = 30K) 
OR (A.gender = 'Male' AND B.maritalStatus = 'Single')

Viewing and sharing bunker allowances

When you click on the plus sign in the top right, you will see the number of datasets currently used in your allowance. 

This information can be viewed in full in the Allowances tab. From the Platform, use the left menu to click on Settings, then Allowances. In the example below, the allowance consists of three simultaneous datasets, two of which are currently is in use. When one of those datasets is deleted, the used datasets figure will decrease.

Clicking on the row will open an additional table, which shows the names of the datasets and row count.

You can share part or all of their allowance with others. To do so, use the Actions button to click on Share Allowance. The form below will appear, where you can specify the recipient and allowance parameters, such as the number of datasets and rows.

Once you've shared an allowance and the recipient has created a dataset, you will not be able to delete the allowance share. To do so, the recipient will need to first delete the dataset. If you are unable to co-ordinate this process, please get in touch with your InfoSum representative. 

When you create a dataset, it will use your InfoSum provided allowance by default. If you have received an allowance from another user that you wish to use, navigate to the Allowances tab and use the Action button to create a dataset from the correct allowance.