An allowance is a pre-paid capability to create a bunker.

A user is allocated an allowance when they purchase bunker credits. Each bunker  credit gives a user:

  • One bunker containing up to 5 million rows of data for one calendar month, or
  • An additional 5 million rows of data in an existing bunker.

A user is allocated a daily usage allowance of 2000 query credits per bunker, regardless of the size of the bunker.

Bunkers are renewable resources. For example, you may purchase 10 simultaneous bunker credits. When you create a bunker, this figure will go down to 9, and will go back up to 10 when the bunker is deleted.

Query credits are a little different. When you run a query that references a dataset in your allowance, it will use the query credits available. These query credits are then used up, but the number available will reset at the start of every day. If you exceed the fair use limit of 2000 queries per day, we may impose technical constraints on your account to limit the consumption of resources.

A query credit may be consumed for each distinct question asked of a dataset. For example, an IQL query involving two datasets (A and B) with the WHERE clause and filters shown below would require four independent queries (for age, income, gender and maritalStatus) across the two datasets.

WHERE (A.age > 25 AND B.income = 30K) 
OR (A.gender = 'Male' AND B.maritalStatus = 'Single')

You can share part or all of their allowance with others. This can result in having multiple allowances. In this case, when you create a dataset, you can select which allowance to use.